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CRD Media has had the opportunity to work with a plethora of clients, that have been involved in a large range of industries, most recently is the J5 Construction website.

     J5 came to us with a list of features they needed, they wanted a completely responsive website, with the ability to easily upload new project pictures and content.  It had to be ready to link with their social media platforms.   They wanted flexibility, their industry and company was constantly evolving, so the platform we built it on had to be able to grow right along with them.

CRD Media came to the conclusion that the only way to give J5 Construction the site they needed was to build it on a custom WordPress theme. We choose WordPress as the CMS (Content Management System) for a variety of reasons. What we really love about having the WordPress platform, which is fully customizable, is that it was able to support the creative aspects that J5 wanted.  The intuitive WordPress interface allowed J5 the control they requested and we were confident we could hand those tools over, and let them manage certain aspects of their own website.

CRD Media provided J5 with a custom design, incorporating the visual theme they were looking for, that high end design feel, and a clean and clear format.  Having the use of such a cool platform like WordPress, with so many features available, from their top notch blog platforms, right up to being able to easily add Google Analytics plug-ins, makes our job a lot smoother.  And on top of all that, search engines love WordPress, allowing us the ability to give J5 Construction a solid plan for their future SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign.

WordPress started predominantly as a blogging platform, and continues to provide some of the best blogging applications.  Ease of use and the ability to manage a website from anywhere you can logon, enables us to to stay ahead of the game, and provide our clients with exactly what they are looking for, right when they need it.  We can focus on superior design, and showcase what we are really good at; taking our clients good ideas and bringing them to the world.


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