Social Media Marketing

Want to market your site on social media?

Need visibility for your business on social media?

If you want  your brand talked about, put it on social media.  Social media is a fantastic platform for brand recognition.  It will increase traffic to your website, and bridge direct communication with your target audience.  Social media profile pages for your business should be promoted and updated with a variety of content including text, images, videos and info graphics.  Also questionnaires that encourage detailed answers from prospective customers can be used to stimulate sharing of useful information and keep your business competitive.  CRD Media can provide all of these for you.


Let’s supercharge your website.


We can create a business page for your local business or a fan page for your brand, and add all relevant information to the page.  Then we promote your business page, make your target audience “like” the page, and become interactive with your Facebook page dedicated to your business.

facebook logo


We can set up a Twitter Account for your business, start posting tweets on regular updates and industry updates, and encourage more twitter followers to your website.

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Pinterest is a fast growing social media and image sharing website.  We can set up an account, and verify your website, “like” your page, and promote your Pinterest boards with pictures, like an E-Commerce website.

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Youtube is the second most popular search engine; second only to Google.  CRD  Media can help you establish a You Tube channel, and create videos to promote your business.

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